Applied Technology High School @ BCC, Paramus

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Applied Technology High School

This unique high school program, located on the Paramus Campus of Bergen Community College, provides students an exceptional educational experience through a blend of academic high school curriculum, college classes, and hands-on technical training. The school offers students two program concentrations: Engineering Technology and Health Professions.

Engineering Technology

Engineering and Engineering Technology are separate but closely-related fields. While engineering typically focuses on conceptual design, engineering technology focuses on application and implementation. The Engineering Technology program at ATHS offers a curriculum that is centered on "smart machines," where students learn to apply math, science, and technology to hands-on projects in the fields of automation, electronics, and advanced manufacturing. Through this program, students acquire the essential skills needed to pursue a career in a wide variety of areas. This training is coupled with dual enrollment coursework, enabling students to earn advanced standing into several technical associates programs at BCC, including an A.A.S. program in General Engineering Technology. Associates degrees earned at Bergen Community College are transferable to all four-year public colleges and universities in New Jersey. Graduates with a degree in engineering technology will help fill a critical workforce need as they work to install, maintain, and support the increasing number of automated manufacturing systems that are projected to return much of the production that has been outsourced over the past decade back into factories here in the U.S. Graduates from a two- or four-year program in engineering technology qualify as technicians and seek employment in a variety of sectors including manufacturing, construction, and product design.

Health Professions

The mission of the Health Professions Program at Applied Technology High School is to provide preparation for multiple health careers through a core curriculum that emphasizes science, the human and organizational side of health care, and the opportunity to earn college credit and clinical experience. The goal of the program is to promote the concept of teamwork as essential to patient well‐being, provide students with a strong foundation in science, and address the health workforce needs of the State.
The Health Professions Program offers hands-on, college‐level course work in healthcare as well as required academics. Through access to the College’s state-of-the-art lab facilities, students will apply health science content in real-world patient simulations. Students will earn college credit and receive practical health care skills, while keeping their options open for multiple healthcare careers and degree programs. Graduates will be prepared to enter degree programs in areas such as health science, nursing, paramedic science, dental hygiene, sonography, and respiratory care.