Frequently Asked Questions for Open Houses

  1. We are interested in finding out more about your schools. Would you please send me a list of requirements for admission?
    The best way to learn more about our schools is attend the Open Houses, which are held in the Fall only. All information regarding our schools and the Admissions process is available on the Admissions website, so if you are unable to attend, please look at our website (

  2. How do we know which school will be the best fit for our child?
    Most middle schools in Bergen County are familiar with our district and our Admissions procedures. Your child’s school guidance counselor/administrator will be able to give you the best advice since they should know your child’s aptitude and abilities in school. Read through the information on our Admissions website to get an understanding of our schools’ curricula, attend our Open Houses and meet our Administrators if you have specific questions.

  3. When can I sign up for an Open House? How many guests may I bring?
    The Open House registration site goes online Thursday September 19 for all schools, except for the Bergen County Academies which opens Monday October 14. You may sign up for one Open House session per campus only. A maximum of three guests including the student are allowed per pass; one pass per family. When an Open House Session is Full, the session will not appear under the list of the events at the registration site.

  4. I did not receive a confirmation email with my Open House Pass. What should I do next?
    Please check your spam / junk email to see if you received the confirmation email there. If the email is not in your spam mail, go back to the registration site and check the email address that you entered and verify that it is correct. In the event that you do not receive your confirmation pass, you may print or present a screenshot of your registration when you arrive (paper or phone) and we will honor your registration as space permits.

  5. All the Open Houses sessions are full. What should I do?
    There may be walk-in passes available at the Open Houses. Walk-in passes will be honored if there is available seating. The safety of our visitors is of utmost importance. We must abide by fire codes and cannot exceed the maximum occupancy restrictions. No additional sessions are planned. When an Open House Session is Full, the session will not appear under the list of the events at the registration site.

  6. Is there a wait list for the Open Houses?
    We do not have a wait list for the Open Houses. Periodically, check the registration website; if there is a cancellation, a spot may become available. See answer to question #5 above.

  7. I registered for this Sunday's Open House afternoon session, however I don't recall receiving the open house pass in my email box.
    We are unable to check your registration or to send you passes; we ask that you check your spam/ junk mail. Visitors who do not have a pass will receive the same consideration as walk-ins.

  8. Please clarify if the registration details are under the parent's name or the name of the child who is interested in attending Bergen County Technical Schools.
    It is advisable to register for the Open House session under the student's name.

  9. Must students attend the Open House if they have already done so in a previous year?
    We strongly recommend that parents and their children who plan to apply attend an Open House, as the dynamics of the programs change from year to year.

  10. I am unable to log into the online application with my username and password. Why does my username and password not work for that site?
    The Open House Registration and the Online Application sites are not linked. You must register at BOTH sites to be able to gain access.

Students interested in applying to the Bergen County Technical School District must have their primary residence within Bergen County, regardless of the location of the middle school they attend. If the Open House registration is full, interested families may come as walk-ins as space permits.