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Dates for the Fall Open Houses will be posted here in September 2018; please check again at that time.

Please do not register! All accounts will be deleted prior to opening of the Open House Registration site. Site will open in September.


Now that you've had a chance to digest the mountains of material you've received from other schools and cruised around our website, it's time to look a little deeper. Open the closets. Look under the rugs. Check out things for yourself.



Visit us at an Open House

The Bergen County Technical School District offers Open Houses in the Fall. The purpose of these events is to invite interested students and their parents/guardians to visit our campuses and familiarize themselves with our programs and our curricula. This also gives families the opportunity to support their children as they transition from Middle School to High School.

We strongly recommend that students who plan to apply attend an Open House along with their parents/ guardians, as the dynamics of our programs change from year to year. Every positive effort that families put towards their children’s education endorses commitment to their future endeavors.