Bergen County Institutes for Science and Technology
at Northern Valley Regional HS

 There are no in-person Open Houses or School Tours scheduled for this autumn. Applicants will be given an opportunity to tour campuses after the New Year.

Virtual Open House

 Watch a student-led tour of our programs


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The Institute for Interactive Design Technology and The Institute for Sports Medicine and Exercise Science are located on the two campuses of the Northern Valley Regional High School district. The Bergen County Institutes for Science and Technology @ Northern Valley Regional HS is a free public high school program of choice for Bergen County residents. This Career & Technical Education satellite program offers students two programs of study: Interactive Design Technology  and Sports Medicine & Exercise Science.  Northern Valley Regional High School offers students a wide range of academic courses, including honors- and AP-level courses, as well as a full range of sports and wide variety of clubs.

To apply to the Bergen County Institutes for Science & Technology:

  • Your primary residence must be in Bergen County, NJ in September 2021, regardless of where you attend school.
  • Students must currently be in the 8th grade.
  • If accepted, students will begin 9th grade in September 2022. Transferring into the Institute is not permitted.
  • To begin the process, visit our website to read about the program, then view our Open House video to learn more about the curriculum, the many academic classes that are available at Northern Valley Regional High School, how to apply, and the many clubs and activities you can participate in.

Who should attend an Open House?

  • Eighth grade students who would like to receive firsthand information about our nine technical programs.
  • Please keep in mind that you must be a resident of Bergen County when you complete your online application.
  • Students will not be able to attend if they move out of Bergen County.
  • We do not accept transfer students or upperclassmen.

If you have any questions regarding our program or the admissions process, please email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

More information:

  • Bergen County Institues for Science & Technology - Guide to Applying - click here
  • UX / UI Program Brochure - click here

The Institute for Interactive Design Technology

The Institute for Interactive Design Technology introduces students to the exciting field of UX/UI Design. UX refers to User Experience Design, while UI refers to User Interface Design. This evolving multidisciplinary field underlies many of today’s fastest growing industries, including web-based communications, advertising, and entertainment. UX/UI design is driven by the imperative to design something that meets a user’s needs, and inspires consumers to want to engage with a digital product. Today’s designers must be entrepreneurs observing market trends, exploiting innovation, creating intellectual property, and applying aesthetic solutions to enhance the value of a product, service or experience. In this course, students will witness UX design at work and evaluate its effectiveness through movies and television, video games, mobile technology, hardware, museum exhibits, and of course, the web. Throughout, students will also be introduced to a variety of technology hardware and software, including virtual reality, app design, and 3D modeling software, to name a few.

The Institute for Sports Medicine & Exercise Science

The Institute for Sports Medicine & Exercise Science introduces students to the scientific prin­ciples that underpin physical perfor­mance. The program will incorporate the traditional disciplines of anatomy and physiology, biomechanics, sport psychology, athletic training, and nu­trition. Students will cover a range of topics and carry out experimental in­vestigations in both laboratory and field settings to acquire the knowledge and understanding necessary to criti­cally analyze human performance, op­timize athletic output, and minimize injury.