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Culinary Arts - Students typically concentrate on Baking or Food Service. Students study all aspects of the field through direct application and development of skills in practical situations.

Students who select the Culinary Arts - Baking option are introduced to the field of commercial baking through direct application of skills in practical situations. Students learn to read and work with commercial recipes, including proportional resizing of recipe quantities, measuring of ingredients and mixing techniques for batters, dough, fillings and icings.Through a combination of classroom work and hands-on practice, students gain expertise in mixing, molding, shaping, designing and baking a variety of breads, pastries and other baked items.

Students who select the Culinary Arts - Food Service option are introduced to the field of commercial foods and food service. Students learn a variety of culinary and food preparation and presentation techniques using foods commonly used in both restaurants, cafeterias and institutional settings. In addition, students learn table service, dining room protocol and business operation for an overall introduction to the culinary arts - food services field.

Whether the area of concentration is Baking or Food Service, instruction in kitchen safety and sanitation, proper use of tools, small equipment, ovens and food handling and storage gives students a foundation for work in the classroom and beyond. Finally, an introduction to business operations gives students an opportunity to connect their kitchen and baking skills or culinary skills to the work enviornment. Graduates are well prepared for positions in the bakery business, commercial kitchens or other food service operation, depending upon the area of preparation and training. Graduates who have successfully completed a college preparatory academic program have the option of going on to postsecondary education.culinary9