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Strategic Asset Management
Strategic Asset Management (S.A.M.) capitalizes on our proximity to New York City—the financial capital of
the world—to prepare students for a variety of careers in the financial services sector, including investment and commercial banking, brokerage, trading, and investment management. The program consists of a rigorous academic curriculum that engages students to learn sophisticated content material usually taught at the M.B.A. level. A “theory in action” approach teaches concepts in finance and economics through their impact on financial markets. By focusing on how companies create wealth as well as how investors evaluate risk and growth potential, students will acquire skills and knowledge culminating in the management of investment portfolios on a “live-to-the-market” basis.
S.A.M. focuses on the development of skills that provide students with the foundation to enter and be successful at premier college programs, business, or otherwise. Emphasis is on use of the case study method to learn decision making under uncertainty, the use of mathematical reasoning in
decision making, and the balance of quantitative and qualitative factors in evaluating alternatives and assessing risk.

 Business Program Highlights:
• Introduction to Business Management
• Macroeconomics
• Strategy Formulation
• Derivative Trading
• Microeconomics
• Investment Analysis
• Corporate Finance
• Senior Internship
• Decision Analysis
• Portfolio Management
• Risk Assessment