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Commercial Art and Graphic Design

This fast-paced and deadline-oriented program specializes in preparing artists and designers for careers in the world of design, communication, and marketing. Students study every essential aspect of the commercial art field through immersion in curriculum which embraces new technology while still emphasizing traditional skills and principles of art and design. Studio classes include graphic design, multimedia design, web design, advertising & marketing, and electronic prepress technology. Students engage in a real-world curriculum that is driven by high expectations, computer graphics instruction, and current graphic imaging technologies. They are required to maintain a portfolio that exhibits a high degree of creativity as well as technical proficiency. Because of our proximity to the creative epicenter of the world, students have access to internships in hundreds of production houses that support the art and imaging needs of prestigious area businesses.

Commercial Art & Graphic Design Program Highlights:img 4811

• Foundations of Graphic Design and Art History
• Fundamentals of 2 Dimensional Design & Drawing
• Graphic Design Studio I Advertising & Market Development
• Graphic Design Studio II Advertising Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop Adobe InDesign Apple iMovie
• Graphic Design Studio III Adobe Go Live Macromedia Flash Animation Flexographic Printing
• Professions Practice in Design
• Senior Internship