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Computer Science
The Computer Science department is designed to meet the needs of both the student wishing to pursue a career upon graduation and those students planning for undergraduate studies in computer science. The curriculum is aligned with the most recent Cisco curriculum guidelines and evolutions in the field of programming. As such the department offers a good program balance of practical skills and underlying knowledge necessary for adapting to the ever and often changing needs of technology. The program supports research in communications information, network theory, programming, and technology. Fundamental and experimental research pertaining to telecommunications and networking aspects of wide-area, regional, or local area networks; wireless and wired network access, personal communications systems; and inter-networking of various types of networks is supported. Research priorities include efficient design and engineering of high-speed computer and communications networks; advanced modeling techniques and teletraffic theory; dynamic network control; network architecture; network security; and, transmission and switching systems. Students are trained to comprehend, upgrade, operate, repair, program, troubleshoot, and maintain computers. With studies also focusing on computer programming theory, key topics include object-oriented programming and data structures; programming aspects of wide-area, regional, or local area networks; programming languages and applications; wireless and wired network access; and, inter-networking of various types of networks. With emphases on both client- and server-side programming, research priorities include efficient design of a multitude of program types and their application to real problems.

Computer Science Program Highlights:img 6015

• Survey of Information & Telecommunications Technology
• Information Technology and Telecommunications Essentials • Java Programming
• Introduction to Information Technology • AP Physics B
• Cisco Networking Academy I – Introduction to Networking • Geographical Information Systems
• Cisco Networking Academy II – Advanced Networking • AP Computer Science A
• Business Computers (NJIT College-Level course)