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Fashion Design 
Giving form and function to clothing, Bergen County Technical High School’s Teterboro Fashion Design Program expresses itself in the language of style, ever-changing in harmony with the attitudes of the time and fundamental human need. With increasing high end computer interfaces, students experiment with design concepts and patterns before turning ideas into fashion statements that continue to move the industry forward into new visual and practical territory. The center for the Fashion Design Program is a fully equipped design studio in which students weave their way through the process of color and fabric selection, pattern making, and sewing working from concept to the construction of finished garments. Students study design aesthetics, draping, industrial machines, specialty fabrics, men’s and women’s wear, fashion analysis and criticism, accessories and costume design. Additionally, the Fashion Department incorporates the Gerber Technologies’ computerized systems for Pattern Design, Digitizing, Model Making, Marker Making, Plotting and Automatic Computerized Cutting. Gerber systems are an important part of how clothes are designed and produced today, offering automated and computerized time-saving solutions that have redefined the industry. An annual spring highlight is the program’s fashion show extravaganza presented by the Fashion Design students, who are also introduced to runway arts and poise. The program draws upon college faculty who serve as adjuncts to the program providing workshops in fashion art and design. Fashion Design students consistently receive local and national recognition for their creations and participate in annual Skills USA conferences/competitions and community projects. With academic achievement and high performance in Fashion Design, graduates are well qualified for numerous entry-level positions, as well as entrance into world-renowned fashion design institutes, colleges, and universities.

design     Fashion Arts Program Highlights:
     • Foundations in Fashion Design
     • Flat Pattern Design and Gerber Technology
     • Textile Studies and Flats & Specs for the Fashion Industry
     • Portfolio Illustration and Visual Merchandising
     • Flat Pattern Design & clothing Construction
     • Fashion Marketing
     • Design Development and Fashion Merchandising
     • Advanced Flat Pattern Design & clothing Construction
     • Senior Internship